The search tools, results and profiles of organisations in the KORDA database are provided in English only. You will find here the French and German language equivalents of the terms used in KORDA together with an English-language definition for some of the terms. You can consult the French and German equivalents of the definitions by clicking on the language choices above.

Please note that the definitions given here are those which we have developed for use in KORDA. They may not correspond with the definitions of these terms used in other contexts.

Trilingual glossary and definitions

English Français Deutsch English Definition
Funding Body Fonds d’aide Fördereinrichtung
A public or semi-public body or agency whose specific remit includes providing funding to the film and audiovisual sector, for a range of activities. 
Bank or Credit Institution Banque ou organisation de crédit Bank oder Kreditinstitut
Public or semi-public financial institutions with a specific mandate to finance or to facilitate access to finance for the film and audiovisual sector. In many cases these institutions work closely with a funding body.
Tax Scheme Mesures d’incitation fiscale Steueranreiz
Mechanisms put in place by national or regional authorities in order to deliver certain tax benefits, generally for production and subject to varying conditions. 
Level Niveau Ebene
Refers to the administrative level of the remit of the organisation.  An organisation may have a national, regional or local remit.
  • Supranational (level)
  • Supranational (niveau)
  • Supranational (Ebene)
Refers to organisations which are financed by two or more European countries and whose action targets two or more European countries.
  • Non-European (level)
  • Hors Europe (niveau)
  • Nichteuropäisch (Ebene)
Refers to organisations based in Europe but with a remit to provide funding to applicants from outside Europe, who may or may not be required to associate themselves with  European partners.
  • Community (level)
  • Communauté (niveau)
  • Gemeinschaft (Ebene)
Refers to organisations based in territorial entities with a high level of or complete autonomy within federal states.  Examples are a ‘Land’ in Germany, a ‘Nation’ in the United Kingdom, a ‘Comunidad Autónoma’ in Spain and the Flemish, French and German-speaking Communities of Belgium.
Network Réseau Netzwerk
Group of organisations working together for a common purpose.
Support Programme Programme d’aide Förderprogramm
Different lines of support that funding bodies use to channel their funds and to allocate specific budgetary envelopes to activities or types of project.  Also called ‘funding schemes’
Target Activities Activitiés cibles Spezialtätigkeiten
Set of database markers allowing a rapid search for organisations and funding around a specific theme.
Annual Budget Budget annuel Jahresbudget
Global annual budget of an organisation providing funding.  Will cover all the activities of the organisation: funding, non-funding activities and overheads/running costs.  Non-funding activities can include contributions to pan-European organisations and to the running of related structures such as film commissions and studios.
Support Budget Budget de soutien Förderbudget
The total annual amount awarded in support by the organisation.
Support for the Creation of Works (Budget) Soutien pour la création des œuvres (budget) Mittel für die Schaffung von Werken (Budget)
The total annual amount awarded in support to activities involving the creation of works

Trilingual glossary (without definitions)

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English Français Deutsch
Activity Activité Tätigkeit
Creation of Works Création d’oeuvres Schaffung von Werken
  • Screenwriting & Script Development
  • Ecriture et ré-écriture
  • Drehbucherstellung und -entwicklung
  • Project Development / Pre-production
  • Développement de projet / pré-production
  • Projektentwicklung / Vorproduktion
  • Production
  • Production
  • Produktion
  • Production – Completion
  • Production – finalisation
  • Produktion – Fertigstellung
  • Production – Music
  • Production – musique
  • Produktion – Musik
  • Production - Transfers
  • Production – transfert
  • Produktion – Format Überspielung
  • Post-production
  • Post-production
  • Postproduktion
  • Slate Funding
  • Soutien à un catalogue de projets
  • Paketförderung
Other Activities Autres activités Sonstige Tätigkeiten
  • Distribution
  • Distribution
  • Verleih/Vertrieb
  • Exhibition
  • Exploitation
  • Vorführung
  • Promotion (Markets, Festivals & Sales)
  • Promotion (marchés, festivals, ventes internationales)
  • Werbung (Märkte, Festivals, internationaler Vertrieb)
  • Education & Media Literacy
  • Education à l’image
  • Bildung und Medienkompetenz
  • Training & Scholarships
  • Formation et bourses
  • Aus-/Weiterbildung und Stipendien
  • Company Development
  • Développement des entreprises
  • Unternehmensentwicklung
  • Prizes & Awards
  • Prix
  • Preise
  • Cultural Activities
  • Activités culturelles
  • Kulturelle Aktivitäten
  • Archives & Conservation
  • Archives et conservation
  • Archivierung und Konservierung
  • Video Games
  • Jeux vidéo
  • Videospiele
  • Festivals
  • Festivals
  • Festivals
  • Research & Development
  • Recherche et développement
  • Forschung und Entwicklung
  • Video on Demand
  • Vidéo à la demande
  • Video-on-Demand
  • Other
  • Autres
  • Sonstige
Project Types Types de projet Projekttyp
Film Cinéma Kino
  • Feature Films
  • Longs métrages
  • Spielfilm
  • Feature Films - Fiction
  • Longs métrages de fiction
  • Spielfilm – Fiktion
  • Feature Films - Animation
  • Longs métrages d’animation
  • Spielfilm – Animation
  • Feature Films - Documentary
  • Longs métrages documentaires
  • Spielfilm – Dokumentation
Short Films Courts métrages Kurzfilme
Television Œuvres audiovisuelles Audiovisuelle Werke
  • TV Series
  • Séries télévisées
  • TV-Serien
  • TV Single Works
  • Œuvres unitaires pour télédiffusion
  • TV-Einzelwerke
  • TV Magazines
  • Magazines télédiffusés
  • TV-Magazine
  • Pilots
  • Pilotes
  • Pilotfilme
Video Games Jeux vidéo Videospiele
Web & Mobile Œuvres pour internet et mobiles Internet und Mobilfunk
Multimedia Œuvres multimédia Multimedia
Artists’ & Experimental Works Vidéo-art et œuvres expérimentales Videokunst und experimentelle Werke
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