MEDIA Programme (MEDIA)
MEDIA Programme
Funding Body

Operates in:EU 27 + Croatia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway & Switzerland
About:MEDIA is the EU support programme for the European audiovisual industry. MEDIA co-finances training initiatives for audiovisual industry professionals, the development of production projects (feature films, television drama, documentaries, animation and new media), as well as the promotion of European audiovisual works. The MEDIA 2007 Programme comprises a series of support measures for the European audiovisual industry focusing on: * training professionals * developing production projects * distributing films and audiovisual programmes * promoting films and audiovisual programmes * supporting film festivals The MEDIA programme is jointly run by the Education and Media Directorate General under the authority of Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou and the Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency.
Start date:2007
End date:2013
Legal status:Pan-European Agency
Member of:
Head of the fund:Ms Aviva Silver / Mr Constantinos Daskalakis
Department or division:-
Contact details:MEDIA Programme
CCE - PROGRAMME MEDIA Avenue de Beaulieu 33
Phone:+32 2 298 50 17
Fax:+32 2 299 92 14
Email address:
Other addresses:MEDIA Programme
BOUR 03/30 Avenue du Bourget 1
Comments:Applications should be sent to this address. Before making an application, always consult your national MEDIA Desk and check the detailed requirements in the Guidelines of the call for proposals.
Fund goals: Objectives: * to preserve and enhance European cultural diversity and its cinematographic and audiovisual heritage, guarantee accessibility to this for Europeans and promote intercultural dialogue; * to increase the circulation of European audiovisual works inside and outside the European Union; * to strengthen the competitiveness of the European audiovisual sector in the framework of an open and competitive market
Project Development / Pre-production
Promotion (Markets, Festivals & Sales)
Training & Scholarships
Video on Demand
For: Film
Multimedia / Interactive
Web & Mobile

Sources of information

Year Name URL URL (en) Comments
2010 List of the MEDIA Desks and MEDIA Antennae List by country with contact details and links to the websites of the MEDIA Desks or Antennae.

MEDIA Programme (MEDIA)
MEDIA Programme
Funding Body


Annual budget

Year Total Budget
in EUR
Origin of Budget Comments
2010 105 740 828
    This is the budget amount given in the Work Programme 2010, excluding the amounts budgeted for MEDIA International.

    Legal basis for fund: Decision No 1718/2006/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 November 2006 concerning the implementation of a programme of support for the European audiovisual sector (MEDIA 2007)
    Further legal references:
    European level references:
    Recent legal developments: -

    MEDIA Programme (MEDIA)
    MEDIA Programme
    Funding Body


    Funding by activity

    Project Development / Pre-production:22 500 000 €
    Training & Scholarships:8 800 000 €
    Promotion (Markets, Festivals & Sales):12 800 000 €
    Research & Development:2 000 000 €
    Video on Demand:8 000 000 €
    Company Development:2 000 000 €
    Distribution:34 659 758 €
    Support budget:90 759 758 €
    These are the budgeted amounts given in the Amended Work Programme 2009, excluding the amounts budgeted for MEDIA International and Europa Cinemas (shown separately). 'Research & Development' is the Pilot Projects scheme. 'Company Development' is the i2i access to finance scheme.

    Funding by type of project

    No data for the moment


    MEDIA Programme (MEDIA)
    MEDIA Programme
    Funding Body


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    MEDIA Programme (MEDIA)
    MEDIA Programme
    Funding Body


    List of projects supported

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